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About Me

Best Skin Lifting/Tightening Care Specialist

Our skin care specialists offer Fibroblast treatments to combat signs of aging, tiredness or problematic skin conditions such as acne scars. At Juicy Jelly Lab in the local area, we have the highest medical-grade equipment with which we are trained to treat a broad spectrum of skin colors, tones and areas. Contact us today through our booking form for a consultation and we’ll ensure you leave us looking youthful and refreshed.

We Offer Fibroblast Treatment

Treatment at our clinic include the Fibroblast technique. I am highly trained and dedicated to getting you the skin you want and will work with you to target any troubling areas. You can book first to meet with me for a consultation and talk to us about anything regarding your skin. Read more about us on our site to find out about our staff qualifications.

Satisfying Service

If you are prone to tension or anxiety, don’t worry – our approachable and friendly skin care specialists are always here for you. Our staff are well-trained and certified, so you can be sure that you will be properly taken care of. To ensure that your experience is satisfying, we work to create a relaxing, calming atmosphere that works to calm your nerves before your session begins, and we also try to minimize wait times as much as possible.


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